What is McMinnville missing?

Oregon’s prominence has grown tremendously these past few years. Whether it is our pure, environmental beauty, cultural vibrancy, or just us, wonderful folks, we are kicking national butt. Particularly here in Yamhill County, McMinnville being one, and perhaps the most popular of these towns. After speaking with residents, clients, imports, and outsiders, them and I concluded that in order for McMinnville to skyrocket in popularity there are a few things which need to be done.

The first, and perhaps the most apparent, is the need to address our growing homeless population. I am not certain of the most efficient way to do so, but it is a commonly hinders McMinnville’s image. I believe this a bipartisan issue, which our City is striving to mangle.

Furthermore, Mac needs a damn Costco, or something other than what we currently have. Heck, even a Target would suffice. We have an all-encompassing Walmart, Safeway, Albertson’s, and Roth’s, but we need another, “buy-everything” store.

I love Excell Fitness, but I truly believe our County has the population to support a large, privately-owned recreation center similar to the Bay Club in Tualatin, or Courthouse in Salem.

Our area is bustling with outdoor activity. It is about time that we are rewarded with an outdoor shop; clothes, fishing gear, guns, etc.

To conclude this short blog post, I will add that we need a cigar lounge. Boom.

Creating engaging content in an annoying industry.

Nobody likes a salesman, including other salesmen.  In real estate, we are our business, constantly representing, and marketing ourselves (thus, our businesses). Over the last year, I feel as if I have done a good job at producing a variety of content. Doing that, I have developed an understanding of what my social audiences like. For instance, when I incorporate my nieces into my videos, my engagement goes up. When I post a video of myself explaining something, I received more likes, and comments. However, finding ways to include these types of posts into my marketing routine can be difficult.

If you were following a realtor, what would you like to see?

I spy with my little eye: a vacancy.

I am not an expert, nor will I claim to be, but I wanted to share an observation I have made over the last few months. With the rise in digital media, and social media, we have witnessed teenagers experience stardom from streaming their video games, models make millions posting photos on Instagram, and brands develop rapidly using cunning social tactics, and engaging advertisements. Within each industry, companies and individuals have found a way to engage, and sell. With that said, there is an industry which remains less-tapped; the service industry.

My family farms, I sell homes, and we both utilize social media. Although I have been online a bit longer, my Brother’s (@tribrosfarm) Instagram has gained traction, increasing their popularity with their attentive followers. Furthermore, I have observed an ROI for both of our businesses, and also the lack of others attempting to do the same.

In Yamhill County, Oregon, there is not one prominent social media account related to a job in the service industry. The most known, and engaged with (at least in my circle) is Spink Painting, LLC. (@spinkpainting), who’s business has grown tremendously within the last couple years, and as a company, they continue to pursue a solid online presence. Aside from Spink, there is “………..”.

If you are an electrician, plumber or a HVAC specialist, create an account on Facebook, and Instagram, and begin documenting your day. Show folks what you do, who you are, and why you do it. People are consistently looking for someone to support. If you take the time to provide value to your audience, your business will forever be grateful.

For instance, show the AC unit you installed for a local business, explain how it works, and why it is important. Simple, right? People are curious, and kind. If you present yourself in a way that is humble, open, attentive to your audience, people will look forward to your next post.

Just try.